How Wedoio can help.

Get a Uniconta webshop

With our solution, you don’t have to jump around between systems, but can handle all everyday functions directly from Uniconta.

Integrate with REST API

Get access to Uniconta via Wedoios Uniconta REST API and build your integrations to Uniconta with more than 400 endpoints independent of systems and platforms

Developing solutions

Use Wedoios expertise and creativity to develop specific integrations and solutions between Uniconta and other Systems.

How can we help you?

With the Wedo-Woo Uniconta-Woocommerce-Connector plugin, You get a complete integration where your Uniconta ERP System works closely with your Woocommerce webshop. Then you do not have to maintain several different systems, but can stay focused and handle all the daily webshop work directly from Uniconta.

With Wedoios WooCommerce integration we have gained completely new opportunities that we did not have with our previous Integration. Now we handle everything around products, pictures and orders directly from Uniconta. Even individual prices and payment options, we can now manage directly from Uniconta.

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You lost a lot of time, on manual work and double work because you did not have effective integration.———————————


Better time for selling and servicing your Customers. No more double work of effort, and no more errors in data between Systems.

Wedo-REST API gives you direct access to Unicontas more than 400 endpoints. You will save time and effort to develop and maintain connections to Uniconta, and can stay focused on developing your value-added Integration.

We quickly built the integration between the IEX platform and Uniconta, with Wedoios REST API Solution. From the very beginning, we have had close and good cooperation with WEDOIO.

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You spent too many resources on developing and maintaining access to Uniconta. Time is already not enough in an IT world.


You saved a lot of time and quickly started developing your integration into Uniconta. You received good and qualified support for your integration Project.

Wedoio has great expertise in Uniconta API, and Uniconta as a whole. Collaborate with WEDOIO on your integration projects for Unicontaand you’ll Be sure to have a dynamic and sustainable solution.

We chose Wedoio to develop a specific solution for us that integrates Uniconta with Zendesk and Tymeshift. This means that our customer casework, time registration, and billing is now running fully integrated with Uniconta and are simple to use for our Employees. The solution saves us a lot of time every day.

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You used too many resources on time records, and did not have effective workflows. Billable time was lost and there was too much work with error registrations.


With a good and creative approach to solutions, your systems got to work properly together, reduced the sources of error and saved a lot of manual Work.

Wedoio has since 2017 driven the REST API to Uniconta. Wedoio’s REST API for Uniconta is used today to integrate a variety of solutions..

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Wedo-Woo is a strong integration between Uniconta and WooCommerce. Get it to your current shop, or get a ready-made WooCommerce webshops that customized your brand, fully integrated into your Uniconta accounting Program.

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WEDOIO develops specific solutions for Uniconta that help to improve the efficiency and simplicity of the daily life of Uniconta Users.

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„we integrate to Uniconta via the Wedoio’s Uniconta REST API. We have excellent and mutual cooperation. „
Niel Rokkjær, IEX

„2ChangeERP are Wedoio Partners. It is a strong and good cooperation, and Wedoio are really strong within their area. “

Per Gowertz Rasmussen, 2 Change ERP

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